Welcome to Techstronaut, on this website we collect errors, bugs, malware and problems and show you how to get rid of it with step by step instructions. Our websites will cover all kind of devices and operation system, at the moment we have Windows, Android, iOS and a category dedicated to getting rid of malicious software.

In the windows category we collect all known error codes, bugs and system errors. We will then explain to you what caused the error in the first place and give you a solution to the problem which you can follow. Most of the time the solution is a step by step instruction to manual get rid of the problem but sometimes it is also a piece of software. This all depends on the kinds of error or problem.

Microsoft Windows is an operation system which is created by Microsoft for the personal computer. The first version of Windows was released on 22 November 1985 and since the release of Windows 95 it dominated the personal computer market. Microsoft dominated on 1 November 2013 90,88% of the personal computer market and it is the most popular operation system in the world.

Microsoft also released several versions of windows for servers, phones and tablets. On both the phone and tablet they did not become a big of a success like they hoped. But they still dominate several percent of the market with the Windows Phone and Tablet. Microsoft Windows Server is pretty popular for businesses and people who run servers for hobby.

In the android category we collect all the android error and problems and show you how to fix them with a step by step tutorial. All the tutorials are beginner friendly so even if you are new to this whole concept you will understand it.

Android is a opensource operation system for tablets, phones, camera’s and more, Android is based on the Linux kernel and the java programming language. Android is the most sold operation system when it comes to phones, in April 2013 more than 1.2 million phones were activated with Android each day. In May 2013 a total of 900 million Android devices have been activated making is the most popular operation system for handheld computing devices.

In July 2013 Android officially broke the record of 1 million apps in the Play Store, the App Store of Apple had 900 million apps at that time so it was a close victory of Android. It is a huge achievement for Android who started as underdog in the application business.

Android was original created by Android Inc, this company was bought by Google in 2005. Later Google put the company in the OHA also known as Open Handset Alliance. This is a group of 84 technology companies which develop open standards for mobile devices. The idea behind android was to create an operation system for camera’s with cloud possibilities. At the moment Android is primarily used for tablets and smartphones.

In the iOS category we collect all ios errors and problems and we show you several methods to fix these problems with the step by step methods. All our tutorials are created in such way that people with little technical understanding can also successfully fix the problem.

The operation system for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the Apple TV is iOS. It is created by Apple and is on 26% off all the sold smartphones in the first quarter of 2010. It was the third most sold smart phone operation system, after Android and Symbian from Nokia.

The operation system was original developed for the iPhone, it was based on Mac OS X. Later Apple expended their operation system to other iDevices such as iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV. With over 900 million apps in the App Store it is one of the most famous operation system for both users as well as app developers.

We have also malware category, in this category we will collect all the information about known malware and we will show you how to get rid of it. Not all of the methods are beginner friendly so make sure to read the methods first before you try to follow our instructions.

computer virusSince windows is the most popular operation system in the world it is also a good target for hackers, there are billions of malware variants for windows in circulation right now. From ordinary keyloggers to highly advanced state sponsored malware. Each malware has its own tactics and it takes a huge effort from anti-virus companies to keep protect yourself from the latest threats. As result some of the malware gets unspotted for days or even weeks without any detection of anti-virus programs. There are also several pieces of malware on the Windows Phone, since the Windows Phone is not very popular you will never see much malware in circulation for this operation system. There is also malware for Windows Servers and this is becoming more popular these days.

When it comes to malware on Android we can easily say that Android is becoming the new Windows. Just like Windows, Android got a huge market share which is interesting for hackers. Therefore many malware writers are targeting android phones so they can get complete control over people their phones. They can send messages, steal data, lock your phones and more.

A lesser problem is malware on Apple products, Apple self said that it was impossible to get malware on Apple products. I hate to spoil your dream but this is false. Their were several pieces of malware on Mac OS and even iOS. Yet again since Mac OS does not have a huge market percent it’s not a good target for malware writers, but there are several pieces of malware who do target Mac’s for this reason. On iOS there is malware but this is most of the time only targeting jailbreaked phones, from time to time you see malware on non rooted phones but this is rare.

Linux malware is also relative unknown, since there are many variants of the operation system it is for malware writer hard to write malware. Also since it’s open source the community can protect itself quite easily. There are however several pieces of malware most of the time they are targeting servers and not computers. However there were also some pieces of malware for Linux, even thought there are not much it is important to always keep your eyes open.

In the future Techstronaut will also cover problems about Windows phones, Mac OS, Linux OS, smart tv’s and servers. This however will take a while, we first want to cover a huge amount of problems and errors in our current categories. We are also planning to release a Youtube channel soon so people can see how we fix the errors and problems on video.